2016 Catch Up.

We are just about 3 months in to the (still relatively new) year 2016. I consciously feel like we should be about 6 months into it after all the shit I’ve been through. Let me give you all a visual recap:


Okay, that probably didn’t make a lot of sense to you, want the short cut?

  • Vacation to NYC (Henry and I’s first time, Dina’s second time – yay!)
  • I got super sick (red plague) including a sprained ankle
  • Parents pick me up at the airport
  • Dad tells me Bailey was attacked by a coyote (a coyote… yeah, wtf!?)
  • Bailey has expensive surgery + quarantine for 6 months
  • Red plague = 10 weeks (insane!)
  • Hospital ER (medical bills…..ew!) 
  • Finally starting to heal, but my wallet is not…yet!

I’m just assuming that it’s just been Mercury’s Retrograde, you know when really bad shit and stress happens to someone for a long period of time. So, I decided to just move past it all. Don’t get it twisted though, there have been really great times so far too, most of them happen to be with my {{amazing}} boyfriend and my friends Matt and Justin.

Don’t worry I will catch you up on those fun times too.


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