Mad Props!

Beautii Kisses Couture style represents Fun, Flirtatious, Casual, Different and Fabulous. BKC is a style for Every woman, Every girl in any culture. Different. Unique. YOU. Mad props and shout-out goes to Beautii Kisses Couture for sending me a beautiful package with a sexy tank and a few rings! I love them – and you should too!



Mushy Alert.

Henry has been a huge, special part of my life for the past 9 years, it may not have always been rainbows and butterflies, on and off but we’ve been back on and I couldn’t be happier about it. He is my rock and now more than ever I feel like we are the most solid we have ever been. I am most definitely not a religious person, but I do think that this guy was sent here for me. He may not believe this, but he makes me better…he motivates me to always be awesome and helps me try to remain positive when things don’t always go my way. I love you baby!


We had an amazing Valentines Day weekend together, you can see his blog post (his blog rocks!) about it here  —seriously click here! It’s so sweet— 

I’ve also included a few pictures from the weekend as well below:

Yaas or Naah

Y’all I really love unique pieces of clothing and accessories, anything really and especially the confidence to rock anything, which she does – She’s gorgeous.

I can’t decide if I love (or even like) this bathing suit or not?!?! What are your thoughts on this? I need to know!


Sharing from Lane Bryant Facebook – Note: This is the models own look and not from LB.

yaaaassss or naaaahhh?

2016 Catch Up.

We are just about 3 months in to the (still relatively new) year 2016. I consciously feel like we should be about 6 months into it after all the shit I’ve been through. Let me give you all a visual recap:


Okay, that probably didn’t make a lot of sense to you, want the short cut?

  • Vacation to NYC (Henry and I’s first time, Dina’s second time – yay!)
  • I got super sick (red plague) including a sprained ankle
  • Parents pick me up at the airport
  • Dad tells me Bailey was attacked by a coyote (a coyote… yeah, wtf!?)
  • Bailey has expensive surgery + quarantine for 6 months
  • Red plague = 10 weeks (insane!)
  • Hospital ER (medical bills…..ew!) 
  • Finally starting to heal, but my wallet is not…yet!

I’m just assuming that it’s just been Mercury’s Retrograde, you know when really bad shit and stress happens to someone for a long period of time. So, I decided to just move past it all. Don’t get it twisted though, there have been really great times so far too, most of them happen to be with my {{amazing}} boyfriend and my friends Matt and Justin.

Don’t worry I will catch you up on those fun times too.